10% Off Gumdrop rugged tablet cases

10% off Gumdrop rugged tablet cases

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Do you have a non-iPad tablet and need a rugged tablet case?

There are so many tablets, mobile phones, laptops in the world but often, if you are looking for accessories, it would seem that it’s just the iPads and Galaxy tablets that run the world. Not so! We know that Lenovo, HP, Dell, Surface Pro and many other types of tablets and laptops are used by school kids, our healthcare and business clients and many others. And this is why we look for protective cases for a wide range of devices.

Gumdrop is a great brand for offering rugged cases for more than just the usual devices. Check out the dropproof cases we have available for:

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Why should you love Gumdrop rugged tablet cases?

Each Gumdrop case goes through a rigorous drop testing process to ensure the device is properly shielded from common points of impact.

Allion Testing MIL-SPEC TestingGumdrop take our quality testing a step further by involving Allion Labs, an independent test laboratory located in Beaverton, Oregon,USA   that uses state-of-the-art technology to create a rigorous test environment for devices covered in our cases.

In-House Drop Testing

Gumdrop films the results of multiple drops on unforgiving flooring to show how much more protection their cases provide, starting from 1-foot and going as high as 10-feet in some cases.

See this video droptest on Lenovo Chromebook  N23


MIL-Spec is a method used to determine the essential technical requirements for purchased material that is military unique or substantially modified commercial items.


The sample is subjected to a series of 26-drop sequence from 48” for MIL-STD810G certification requirements.


Allion USA Engineering Services provides the testing facilities for MIL-STD certification for Gumdrop.


No, but Gumdrop conducts its own drop testing on every product they develop in-house prior to shipping to make sure it meets their standards.

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