6 ways to do more with mobile technology in health and aged care

6 ways to do more with mobile technology in health and aged care

mobile tech in healthcare

The use of iPads and mobile technology in health and aged care is improving efficiency and care for patients. However, keeping devices clean, charged up and safe from damage can be hard. Here are 6 ways to do more with mobile technology in healthcare environments.

1. Rugged device cases tough enough for work

When your phone or tablet is at risk, a protective rugged case can keep your device going even after a bump, drop, splash or crash. Think of it as a helmet for your portable brain, and then you will see why the materials matter. Quality rugged cases use materials such as ABS toughened plastic and dense silicone to give emergency-department-during-full-moon level of protection. The materials in your rugged case are designed to withstand falls and drops. Quality rugged case use layers to give a multiplying effect of protection. Rugged cases with hand or shoulder straps are helpful in reducing the chance of the user dropping the device while working or being distracted in trying to protect the device and suffering an injury instead – such as missing a step as they try to grab a falling device. Reduce the risk and choose a case with a strap.

2. Choose a rugged device

Healthcare is demanding work and sometimes a standard device is just not up to the job. The latest rugged tablets, phones and notepads make it easier to take tech into damp or slippery work environments. Rugged devices are tougher than domestic devices, built to withstand drops, splashes, vibration and dust. Rugged tablets, notepads and hand held devices are available for Windows and Android, so can be integrated with most software environments.

3. Keyboard easy info input

Many people are using phones and tablets as their primary data input device – but try it for a day and you will soon see that typing onto the screen is not easy long tracts of text. The addition of a separate Bluetooth keyboard that easily integrates with iPad or tablet or a keyboard case for your device means they can type comfortably and get full use of the device for the long school day. A keyboard iPad or tablet case is also a sturdy protective case as well so two jobs done in one.

4. Secure tablet stands and mounts

A secure iPad stand or a wall mount for a tablet or notebook can give your team information hub or sign in system. Key locked and inbuilt power cabling it will protect the device from theft plus keep it working for your team all day long. Floor stands can be placed anywhere while mounts can be fixed to desks, walls and vehicles. Our healthcare clients also use them mounted to medicine trolleys for improved access to information and quicker recording of dispensed meds.

5. Charging stations and lockers for devices

Secure charging facilities on site keep healthcare teams and consultants working. Charging stations for up to 40 devices require just one power point, can include syncing facilities and are available as wall/desk cabinets or carts for easy movement of device deployments. For sites where people bring their own device (BYOD), individual lockable device recharge lockers are a secure and efficient way to manage devices safely.

6. Cleaning mobile devices to reduce the spread of pathogens

Managing pathogens while using mobile technology in healthcare is a major concern, so equipment that can be thoroughly cleaned is helpful to health and aged care clients. Washable keyboards and mice as well as waterproof device cases that can be washed help to contain bacteria in being able to be cleaned.

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Recharged and ready for work
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