Education Discount

Education Discount

Reduce school technology costs and increase learning opportunities!

Understanding that schools have specific needs and finite budgets, Maximise Technology has special pricing for schools. Please contact us or use the form below to set up a website account so that you can to login to browse our range and see the special pricing for schools – and remember that further volume discounts also apply.


For teachers and principals, choosing mobile technology such as iPads and the accessories around them can be tricky. The benefits of technology are an educator’s specialty – enhanced learning, and new scope for engaging students and multiplying their learning – while the technology overall is often not a school’s strongest skill set.

When teachers and ITC co-ordinators can fully understand the range of options available to them – both in terms of brands and types of products available, and the important differences between them –  schools will choose products that are compatible, have a wide range of applications, and are school-proof to survive too much kid-love. When funds are tight, there can be nothing worse than an expensive white elephant taking up space in the IT room. To help your school gain the benefit of the clever folk inventing and innovating on your behalf, here are some artciles to help you maximise technology in your school, while saving money now and in the long term.

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