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How to Connect Your Bluetooth Mouse or Trackball to Your iPad

How to use a bluetooth trackball wireless mouse with iPad

Kensington’s range of trackball and wireless mice make using mobile technology easy and truly mobile. Now the industry leading technology manufacturer has shared some very helpful information on how to connect your bluetooth mouse or trackball with your iPad.

Using a mouse, and especially a trackball mouse, with an iPad or tablet can make a big impact on what you can do with device. This is especially the case for users with a disability, where an iPad or tablet can be a primary tool of communication, as well as for learning and entertainment. So being able to now use a mouse with an iPad or tablet is a great news for the disability community.

In a story shared in 2020, Kensington said that Apple’s revamped OS for new models of the company’s iPad devices had some additional functionality. From iPadOS 13, Apple surprised consumers by including support for pointing devices like mice and trackpads. By March 2020, iPadOS 13.4 improved on what felt like a finger simulation instead of actual device support to many users.

Using your regular Bluetooth interface, you can connect your Kensington trackball or mouse to improve your set up and quickly respond to a situation from any location. Follow these steps to set up your Bluetooth pointing device:

  • If you’ve used your device with another Mac or PC, make sure you unpaired it before starting the process.
  • To start pairing your device with your iPad, go to your iPad settings app.
  • Find the Bluetooth settings and ensure you have it switched on currently.
  • Set your mouse or trackball to pairing mode according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Once your device appears in your iPad’s header, click on the device name.
  • Click on Pair once you receive the prompt, and your device should start working once the connection completes.

Another great improvement in the iPadOS 13.4 update is the additional customisations available for controlling your input device. In your Pointer Devices menu, you can change pointer styles, set up your sizes and colours, or change button configurations, including single, double, and long-press taps.

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