Improved website thanks to Grants - Maximise Technology

Improved website thanks to Grants

Regular visitors to the Maximise Technology website may notice an extra speedy spring in our virtual step as you click between pages, or as you load some of the hundreds of new product pages on this website. You probably won’t realise the streamlined efficiency in the loading of images, videos, nor the snappy swoosh of a new order whizzing off to be processed via our automated ecommerce system. You may not see that our site has been visited by hundreds more people this week than last week.

And that is a good thing.

However we certainly see the changes to this website and the benefit it has on our business, and we want to say thanks to the organisations that have helped to make it happen.

  • Maximise Technology is a grateful recipient of a SmartCity Grant by City of Canterbury Bankstown – an initiative of our local Council to help businesses during Covid-19. This Grant was made available during 2020, and the eligible activities for the funding included digitisation and online marketing.
City of Canterbury Bankstown logo
  • We used this funding to work with another local business, Yuza, its principal Grant Maskell and team, who have not only significantly improved the speed and stability of the Maximise Technology website, but worked with us to develop a new online marketing campaign. Our new campaign has helped us to reach thousands of new clients across Australia, and to set up a management system to ensure that we can carefully monitor our marketing results to ensure that our budget is being spent in the right places, to meet the right people.
Yuza Experience

During a difficult year, the support of our local Council and hard work by a local business – so by a grant and a Grant – has been much appreciated. Thanks!

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