New iPad mounts and stands from Armodilo

New iPad mounts and stands from Armodilo

armodilo ipad mounts and stands

ArmodiloWe are pleased to welcome innovative, high quality brand Armodilo and their range of iPad and tablet enclosures, stands and mounts.

A favourite of designers and architects, these quality products are in use in healthcare, education, retail and other high traffic environments where information kiosks and point of sale can add value. Clean lines and solid construction are a marker of this brand, so they are easy to use, to move and to clean.

The Armodilo range includes solutions for wall mounts, countertop mounts as well as floor stands, and you can choose the level of access users will have to the screen to suit your needs. Solutions are available for most iPads, in a choice of colours from black, white and grey.

  • Device – Armodilo is available for several devices, so once you have chosen your preferred, Armodilo, please choose from the dropdown the device you need it to fit
  • Screen access – Armodilo has options for how much access you wish to allow for the screen, camera and home button
    • Screen access only
    • Screen + pinhole access to home button
    • Screen + full access to home button
    • Screen + camera access
    • Screen + camera access + pinhole access to home button
    • Screen + camera access + full access to home button
  • Power button access – choose to restrict access to the power button
    • No access to the power button
    • Pinhole access to the power button
The Armodolio VESA iPad Enclosure is the start of the solution, which is designed to be compatible with all standard 75mm VESA mount brackets to create the perfect personalised touch point kiosk compatible with your choice of iPad. This enclosure can be paired with any VESA mount. Armodilo VESA Original grey back
Armodilo Original Tilt iPad wall mount is an adjustable wall and surface mount for interactive kiosk and display installations. Designed for enhanced interactivity, the Armodilo Tilt is easy to mount on any wall, desktop, or countertop, providing a rugged interactive touch-point with a built-in 90˚ range of movement. If you love the tilt-head design of the Sphere, you’ll love the Tilt. Armodilo Tilt Original grey
Armodilo Wall iPad Mount is an ultra-low profile tablet and iPad enclosure for wall mounted brand kiosk and display installations. Designed to provide a minimalistic installation footprint, the Armodilo Original Wall enclosure is easy to mount in low or ultra-low profile, providing a rugged interactive touch-point. Armodilo wall black
Armodilo Surface iPad Mount lets you securely mount your device to any wall, table or desktop, for enhanced interactivity. The Surface tablet display can be configured for movement through optional add-ons, including the ArmoTwist (for up to 360˚ rotation and 50˚ pivoting movement of the enclosure head in any direction), and a rotational base option for extended versatility. Armodilo Surface iPad Mount black
Armodilo Original Sphere is the desktop iPad and tablet enclosure and kiosk stand with a playful, quirky personality that lightens up any space. No matter which way you turn it, Sphere is a secure, fun and inviting tablet POS stand and kiosk enclosure. Armodolio Sphere iPad Mount with hand
Armodilo Original Curve desktop tablet and iPad mount can be described as “beautiful.” Curve is an elegant and secure tablet table stand with a desktop mount ideal for use as an interactive kiosk display or a free-sitting secure POS. The single piece bent aluminium base is graceful, yet tough, and its viewing angle is ideal for content display, and the optional mounting holes provide the choice of mounting the Curve to any surface for enhanced security. Armodilo Curve iPad Mount pair black
Armodilo Original Floor iPad Stand offers high quality build, security and profile, making it the best iPad floor stand for tablet kiosk deployment. The Armodilo iPad Floor Stand enhances your brand’s kiosk while being  easy to set up and pack away. Armodilo iPad Floor Stand grey

See the full Armodilo range – click here.

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