Compulocks Cartipad Range of Charging Stations

New Modular Charging Stations from Compulocks

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Finding the right charging station to help reduce the cost of managing a device fleet in schools and businesses has just gotten easier, as we welcome new a modular charging system from Compulocks to our range of charging carts and device cabinets.

The Cartipad range of charging solutions gives some flexibility and scaleability to managing iPads and tablets now, and as you look to grow in the future.

The range includes a wall mountable cabinet called Cartipad Solo Modular Charging Cabinet which can securely charge up to 16 devices at once. It has a textured powder-coated finish and rubberised anti-slip interior for durability, and modular slot inserts to adjust to different devices with or without protective cases. The Cartipad Solo is stackable so you can add on another cabinet as your fleet grows. It is also stackable to reduce the footprint of your charging station. Ready to use out of the box with your own charging cables, this can be a great way to secure and recharge your devices in bulk.

For a more portable solution, the Cartipad Solo extends with the addition of a trolley base into the Cartipad Uno Charging Cart for 16 devices. So all the same benefits, just on wheels – rubber tread wheels, with large rear wheels and lock front casters. For larger fleets, the Cartipad Duo Charging Cart holds up to 32 devices.

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