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PC Locs charging solutions on sale

PC Locs on sale for EOFY

Securely store and charge fleets of iPads, tablets and laptops for a bit less, with THREE special offers from PC Locs for the End of Financial Year.

A major task for schools and businesses using fleets of iPads and tablets is how to efficiently manage devices so that time (and money) is not lost in charging, storing, updating and repairing broken tablets before they can be ready for the next busy day. Having only one tablet out of use in a classroom or business is tough – meaning that one student or worker can’t complete their tasks like everyone else can – so keeping devices in use is important. So these End of Financial Year offers from PC Locs are a great way to solve a big problem for institutional and other users of lots of tablets.

  • PC Locs ECO Revolution Cart 16 is designed to securely charge, store and transport up to 16 Chromebooks or laptops.
    ECO Safe Charge will allow you to charge all devices for 1 or 3 hours before it automatically switches off. It can also cycle charge groups of devices for 1 or 3 hours at a time. This gives you peace of mind while your notebook fleet recharges ready for another busy day.
    Special offer until 30 June – Save $100 – find out more here
  • Recharge your iPad fleet with savings on the iQ 20 and iQ 30 Sync and Charge Carts.
    Designed for syncing software on Apple devices en-masse, these secure charging carts can also be used for recharging other types of tablets too. Each cart comes with PC Locs baskets to carry devices around your school or business.
    Also features LED indicators to clearly show which devices are recharged and ready to go and which ones need a bit more juice. iQ 20 suits fleets of up to 20 devices, and iQ 30 suits fleets of up to 30 devices. Features of the iQ range include:

    • Efficient syncing. The iQ Carts can sync up to 30 devices simultaneously. PC Locs top of the line syncing technology seamlessly integrates with Apple Configurator and other syncing software.
    • Small footprint. Being compact in size, the iQ Carts are easy to transport and manoeuvre around tight hallways when it’s needed fast.
    • Baskets by PC Locs make device deployments faster and safer, so that Teachers and IT Administrators can focus on creating an engaging learning environment.
    • Lifetime warranty. Schools and businesses can be tough on Carts. PC Locs Carts are built to last.
    • Efficient charging. PC Locs power management ensures that the right amount of power is distributed to devices when charging. It even charges during the syncing.
    • Compatible. Universal design and functionality makes it compatible with all iPad models and almost any Tablet that supports USB syncing and charging.
    • Secure. After a day of use, lock the sliding top lid and attach the heavy duty anchor kit to secure the Cart while it’s not in use.
      Save up to $240 when you order by 30 June 2019.

Need a charging cart or cabinet and these aren’t quite right for you? Click here for the full recharging solution range.

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