EFM 15W Automatic Wireless Car Charging Mount

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The EFM 15W Wireless Auto-Sensor Car Mount (Type C to C Cable) with 39W Car Charger showcases the latest advancement in auto-sensor technology. Connected to your vehicle’s power outlet via the included EFM 39W Car Charger and Type-C cable, the 15W Wireless Auto-Sensor Car Mount recognises a device in front of it via Infrared sensor and opens the gripping arms to allow secure placement of your device. To release your device simply press either of the silver release buttons located underneath the gripping arms. This latest version of the EFM 15W Wireless Auto-Sensor Car Mount now allows you to activate the device release mechanism, opening the gripping arms when the product is not connected to the included 39W Car Charger.

  • Window Mount
  • 3.0A (15w) Output
  • Type C Cable Included
  • Charger with Cable
  • Gross Weight is 0.47 gm
  • Height is 6.8 cm
  • Width is 18 cm
  • Depth is 21 cm

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