Electroclave Device Charge and Disinfection Station


Electroclave Device Charge and Disinfection Station provides an all-in-one solution for mobile device management and UV-C disinfection by offering cloud-based oversight and 360° disinfection technology, destroying pathogens on all sides of electronic devices. The ElectroClave is the perfect enterprise solution for disinfecting and managing mobile devices in healthcare settings.

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    Electroclave Device Charge and Disinfection Station disinfects, charges and syncs devices at the same time. Low heat technology allows multiple functions to occur simultaneously. ElectroClave’s patented disinfection technology achieves a 99.99% pathogen kill on all sides of the device (360° disinfection). Additionally, ElectroClave’s smart technology driven by proprietary software compensates for bulb degradation; ensuring the same efficacy overtime.

    Disinfect, Charge & Sync

    • High Efficacy LED UV-C Technology – Disinfect, charge and sync devices at the same time. Low heat technology allows multiple functions to occur simultaneously.
    • 360° Fail Safe Disinfection – Precisely timed UV-C cycle doses all sides of devices with a specific germicidal wave length for complete disinfection. Smart technology adjusts for bulb degradation overtime; ensuring reliable disinfection results every cycle.
    • 99.99% Pathogen Kill – Independent verified lab tested (EPA / FDA GLP-compliant lab).
    • Real-Time and Historical Data – Cabinet displays real-time operation status, all oversight data is automatically delivered to the management portal to be accessed at any time.
    • Smart Balanced Charging – Extends device’s power supply and prolongs battery life.
    • Device Agnostic – Use nearly any phone, tablet computer or PDA. Standard operation capacity is 4 tablets or 10 phones. Daisy chain to accommodate more devices.

    If you need greater device management capability, this system is also available as ElectroClave™ with Mobile Device Management which automates mobile device management by providing smart charging technology, UVC LED disinfection and RFID tracking; providing vital insights for disinfection and IT resource allocation. For the first time, organisations can easily disinfect and manage mobile devices without guesswork, saving time and costs. Click here to find out more about Electroclave Device Charge and Disinfection Station with Mobile Device Management.

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