Mophie Powerstation GO Rugged Universal Battery


Mophie Powerstation GO Rugged Universal Battery gives peace of mind while fitting in your glove box. This rugged universal battery power pack is the only powerstation that charges your mobile devices and can jump start your car.

Two USB-A ports allow you to charge your phone or tablet while the built-in AC outlet lets you charge bigger devices, such as a laptop. A bright LED floodlight offers a light when stranded on a dark highway. Plus, spark-proof jumper cables make it easy to quickly jump start your car. In an emergency or just powering your daily life, the power station go is your all-in-one source of power.

Featuring a tough exterior and powerful interior, the powerstation go rugged compact has everything users need to keep their most important devices powered. Two USB ports let users charge their phone and tablet simultaneously. Its large battery offers enough power for multiple devices. It can even light up a room during a black out or jump start their vehicle in an emergency. The powerstation go rugged compact can jump start a full-sized truck and 12V vehicle batteries in seconds. Mini jumper cables are also included so users have everything they need to get back on the road in minutes.

  • Compact portable battery with USB-A ports, floodlight, and car jump starter
  • Contains a 29.9Wh internal battery, 8,100 mAh @ 3.7V
  • Two USB-A ports can charge two devices simultaneously
  • Portable car jump starter with jumper cables
  • Easy-to-read indicator lights, spark-proof jumper cables, and automated safety checks
  • Carrying pouch to organize accessories and has instructions printed right on it for easy reference
  • LED floodlight has SOS feature and high-visibility red light
  • Easily fits into centre console, glove box or dresser drawer

Tech specs

  • Dual USB Socket
  • Gross Weight is 0.74 kg
  • Height is 4.19 cm
  • Width is 18.2 cm
  • Depth is 18.2 cm
  • 8,100 mAh @ 3.7V

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