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Sphero Ollie Spine Ramp

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Spills and thrills on the Sphero Ollie Spine Ramp!

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    Show gravity whats up.

    The new Spine Ramp was built to revolutionise Ollie‘s gravity defying skills. Hit the ramp and try to stick the landing on the same side, or choose to soar up and over. The ultra-wide adjustable ramp lets you control everything about Ollie’s trajectory. Once you’ve mastered the basics, kick it up and execute tricks in mid-air or break the ramp into 3 parts and launch from one to the other. There’s enough room to compete with your rivals or synchronise skills with your friends.

    Speed. Jumps. Tricks. The Spine Ramp takes everything awesome about Ollie to the next level.

    *Robot not included

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