Recharge Anywhere: Portable Power
POrtable power recharge anywhere

Portable power solutions for mobile devices have come a long way, and there are power banks in all sizes from a quick urban recharge to ruggedised ones ready for outdoor fun, and solar chargers to give you endless power wherever the sun shines.

Here is our guide to choosing the right portable power solution for your next expedition.

  • Choose the right size. It’s all maths. Your phone battery size is around 2000-3000mAh and an iPad is around 9000mAh, so the battery size of the power pack you choose has to be a multiple of that, depending on how many recharges you expect from it before reaching the next mains power point. Expect some battery leakage so always underestimate how many recharges you will get from the power pack, rather than over.
  • Choose the right type. Look at the device you want to recharge, and understand its demands. An iPad or tablet needs a 2.1A recharge rate, so it won’t do to choose a power pack designed for phones only, with a maximum recharge rate of 1.1A. There are different styles to consider, for example, do you want a battery pack built into a protective case for your phone, or a universal power pack to plug into various devices?
  • Choose quality. To make sure that your power system can handle it out there in the wild, focus on quality over pretty. It can never be overstated that quality is important everywhere but it’s even more the case when it comes to power. You don’t want to have the system you are relying on to go bung just when you need it. Quality brands are engineered to handle bumps, even splashes.

Some of our favourite portable power packs (or portable power packs!)

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