Reducing the Cost of Managing Device Fleets

Reducing the Cost of Managing Device Fleets

Reduce the costs of managing device fleets

For businesses and schools looking to maximise technology with mobile devices, there is one problem: so much clever technology, and the management of it all comes back to an IT Co-ordinator or Manager.

Making sure that devices are recharged, up to date and located where they need to be as well as protected from theft, plus the task of safely moving devices around the premises are all major considerations for IT Co-ordinators. It’s a big job, however there are solutions to make it easier.

Charging stations to charge-sync-store are an important investment as they significantly reduce the amount of time spent in preparing fleets of devices for the next day. However it is easy to choose to a system that meets the budget, without fully understanding the benefits of different models – let alone different brands. Thorough consideration of the needs of your organisation in managing its fleet of devices now and in the future will make the choice of the system style easier to choose.

  • Will you need to move sets of devices around the premises on a regular basis, across fairly flat inclines? Then a cart style system may suit best, to reduce heavy lifting. Carts include lockable doors, and can be chained to a secure place to keep them secure. Some brands include carry baskets for easy local movements of quantities of devices.
  • Or, if you think hard about where each set of tablets will be used, perhaps a cabinet style would be better? Securely store and recharge 10 to 30 iPads or tablets in a wall or desk mounted cabinet close to where they will be used, and you will reduce the time and effort required to keep the devices ready for use.
  • Think about how often the devices will need to be synced or updated. It’s usually once every few months, so can you save money by purchasing charge-store systems for everyday use, then a single portable sync system to update each set of devices when required. Charging-only stations are cheaper than stations that include a sync function, so the savings can add up.

Keep the devices working longer with a good quality protective case that is built for the task at hand. A rugged case can handle rough, dirty workplaces such as building sites – even schools! Working with food or in healthcare where washable surfaces are important means the choice has to be a waterproof case. If your team or students have a lot of typing to do, make it easier with a keyboard case.

The benefits of technology in education are growing by the day. Making the right choice in products can help businesses and schools extract maximum value for money and maximise the opportunities they can provide, without adding to the workload for busy staff.

Maximise Technology can help businesses and schools to make good choices and reduce the admin time of managing device fleets. Contact us with your needs to see how we can save you time and money.

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