New options in iPad car mount

The right iPad car mount makes mobile business easy

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Getting the right mobile phone or iPad car mount can mean putting that very helpul device just where you need it, to tell you where to deliver the next order or helping you easily take calls from your team or clients while on the move.

For businesses who keep on the move, one of the big challenges has been how to fully integrate mobile devices into businesses processes to reduce errors and improve productivity, without the risk of becoming reliant on a device largely made from glass.

There are new solutions to help you and your team maximise technology in mobile businesses.

RAM Mounts has a new secure mounting solution that keeps your device charged and visible in your car, truck, van, motorbike or or even helicopter.

RAM’s GDS vehicle dock offers a sturdy charging mount for mobile phones and tablets so that your device is always charged and ready for business.

The GDS charging system works with devices protected with the Intelliskin case.

IntelliSkin features an integrated power connector which is moulded directly into the case. This prevents damage to the connector on your device from repetitious docking and un-docking.

On the exterior of the skin are moulded ruggedised docking contacts designed for docking and undocking over and over through the busy working day. These contacts make docking and charging a snap on any compatible GDS docking station or cable.

Intelliskin is available for phones, tablets and other devices, and options include to add a shoulder strap or kickstand/hand grip. The solution takes you from vehicle to the indoors with a GDS charging dock for use in the office or at home.

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