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Rugged iPad and tablet cases with straps make life less of a juggle

Rugged iPad and tablet cases with straps

Life is enough of a juggling act without literally having to juggle carrying a device, your keys, a coffee and a bag all at once! Our range of rugged iPad and tablet cases with hand straps or shoulder straps is a smart and secure solution for being on-the-go with a smart phone, laptop, iPad or tablet without the constant worry it might accidentally get dropped.

Young device users are notorious for accidents with devices – so a rugged case with a strap does add a little bit of peace of mind. These cases for devices including iPhone android phone, iPad, Surface Pro, Galaxy tablet and laptops are also a professional and functional solution for business users, especially when the workday takes you to multiple sites, on public transport or to public places.

Many people with disabilities also rely on their devices being close-at-hand. We have options that provide flexibility to safely and securely carry a device on a wheelchair or other mobility aid. We also have sturdy and comfortable shoulder and other body-worn options for those who utilise devices for day-to-day activities such as communication with carers and others. The range also includes rugged phone cases with hand straps to assist those with coordination or grip challenges.

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