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Swivl robot on sale

Swivl C Series C1 Robot is the most advanced, easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students. Use your iPad, tablet or mobile phone to capture video and audio in the classroom, meeting room or to interact online.

Swivl tracks the action in the room and smoothly moves to keep the speaker in frame, while capturing great quality audio. New C Series Swivl Robot does so with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to four markers at once to expand your experience to students.

Presentations are delivered daily in schools and businesses. The majority are boring, forgettable or you simply missed it. But the point of all these presentations is that knowledge gets shared and skills get developed. So isn’t something lost?

Student Projects: There is no better way to learn skills than to see and hear yourself. Provide students with a low-anxiety path to start using video to capture presentations, collaboration, and skills for learning new things.

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