Tip: Quality Makes Technology Last Longer

Tip: Quality Makes Technology Last Longer

Quality choices make technology last longer

Quality accessories means school devices last longer, so that subsequent investments are growing your fleet for more students to use, not just replacing broken devices.

Of course, to be able to have devices live long enough to grow a collection, they need to last the distance. That is where quality comes into it.

Limited funds, multiple needs. It’s so tempting to be make procurement choices based upon dollars. However, as in elsewhere in life, buying quality products will provide lifetime savings and less downtime. Look at the materials used in the manufacture of the accessories you are buying.

In terms of iPad charge-sync-store systems, if you expect the system to protect your gear from theft, then make sure that it is built with steel, has sturdy locks and security options. Look carefully and ask yourself:

  • Is it painted to protect from rust?
  • Does it have quality wheels that will continue to work under a heavy load?
  • Does it have features that make it easier to load and unload the devices, such as carry baskets and load-bearing lids, or will that be a daily struggle with WHS implications?

In terms of protective cases for devices, this is no time to skimp. Devices are largely made of glass and in a busy school environment, bumps and drops are inevitable. To extend the life of the device, and keep class sets going for longer, choose a quality protective case with materials and design that really work to protect your devices. Entrusting a $600-$1000 device to a flimsy piece of plastic film to cover it will only end in tears. There are protective cases for all budgets, available in different styles, from rugged cases to folio style, keyboard and even waterproof.

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