Welcome, friends of Gateway Therapies!
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Welcome, friends of Gateway Therapies!

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Gateway TherapiesThanks for visiting from our friends Gateway Therapies.

We can help you with some great gear to help children learn with technology, while also protecting devices from drops, squashes and scratches. All the best OT-preferred cases, stands, mounts and more in the one place!

We also have educational toys to help maximise their STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) while having fun.

Below are some of the product categories that we think you may be interested in, and you can always click on ‘Shop Categories’ above to browse all the others, too.

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About us

At Maximise Technology, we see mobile technology as much more than gadgets. We see it’s potential as a uniquely powerful enabler for people with different needs, as they earn, learn and play.

We are excited by the innovative leap forward that technology can provide in education, enabling children to engage with new information in more enriching, forward reaching ways. This is doubly true for special needs kids, where devices provide a tailored learning experience plus vital communication tools so that they too can be active in our community.

We see mobile technology change the game for businesses large and small. The right device and software can improve efficiency and productivity, reduce rework and errors, and help deliver a better experience for clients.

For everyone, mobile technology can provide flexibility and connectivity to help maximise whatever it is that you are seeking to achieve at school, at work, or in your leisure time.

And we want to help you do that. We search the world for the most innovative, clever, high quality accessories to work with your mobile devices. solutions and bring them together in one place so that we can help you maximise technology in your environment.