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Wheelchair mounts for iPads and other devices

Wheelchair mount ipad phone

Wheelchair mounting an iPad, tablet, phone or laptop is now easier with new options for mounting by seat rail, arm rest, clamping, suction cup and more.

Putting a device where it is needed most for people with a disability can big improvements in access to mobile technology for communication, telehealth, learning and entertainment. Now, you can securely mount your iPad or phone to have it within reach yet out of danger.

Strong device cradles combined with options in mount components mean you can get the solution you need. For example, choosing a device cradle that can hold your model of iPad in a rugged case means you can move smoothly from using the iPad while using the wheelchair to simply lifting the device out and taking it to another location. While the wheelchair mount options on our website are kitted up with specific arm lengths/heights etc, the device mounting system from Ram Mounts is made by components, so we can also build up a solution that suits your specific needs. With a full suite of mounting solutions for wheelchairs and devices, RAM Mounts offers a wide range of accessibility mounts. Utilising the innovative RAM ball and socket design, these mounts provide your devices with a secure fit and are compatible with numerous bases such as clamping and track options.

Some disability clients need a rugged device, able to withstand some rougher treatment than the standard iPad or tablet device. If you are sticking with a standard type of device, you can protect your tech by choosing a rugged case or waterproof case, and even a case with a strap or handle. Adding on a keyboard, stylus or bluetooth trackball mouse can be a great help too.

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