Mophie wireless charging

Wireless phone charging with magnets doing the magic

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Mophie charge force range of wireless charging cases and accessories makes it so easy to keep your mobile phone charged up and ready to go – literally anywhere.

Mophie has long been known for its clever Juice Pack powered mobile phone cases, where a case with an inbuilt battery can be recharged in your pocket with the flick of a switch. Keep your phone working wherever you are, be it camping or just through a very busy day – perfect for a chatty teen or parent! Never miss a call, email or message again.

The new wireless range charging means your phone is well protected by the tough case and when its time to recharge, just a touch to the charge base or mount for recharging has it sorted. The Mophie Charge Force range includes cases for Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+ as well as iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S+ and iPhone 7.

Each comes with a charging base to recharge your phone plus you can add on a car mount that clips to your air vent, or a desk mount. Even add a second charge pad so you have one for work and one at home.

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