Tip: Build Upon Your Investment

Tip: Build Upon Your Investment

Investing in education technology

Many schools and businesses have a humble quantity of iPads, with hopes and plans to grow the fleet in future years. Quality and good choices means your can build upon your investment in technology.

Look for scaleability in systems so that you can leverage an investment now into the future, meeting future needs in terms of great scale or more complex learning.

  • Choosing a charge-sync-store system that has room to grow with your fleet makes good sense when you are starting small. Brands such as PC Locs, Griffin and Kensington have smaller 10-bay charge-sync cabinets that can be linked together to manage up to 30 devices at once, so as your fleet grows, you can add on additional cabinets to slowly gain the efficiency of a larger unit, though purchased in a staged fashion. Smaller units are also helpful in that they take up a small amount of space so often the iPads and tablets can be stored closer to where they will be used, and so reduce the time and energy to move the devices around the school.
  • Choose starter kits with extensive choices beyond that to build a library of resources. STEM resources such as LittleBits and Makeblock can be introduced in your school with a starter kit, and then grow in sophistication and scope with later kits designed to use the starter kits and take students in new and exciting directions, based upon what they have already learned and used.
  • Choose quality accessories to extend the life of your devices. Protect what you have and make it last longer, so that your next purchase is extending what you have, not replacing what is broken. Protect iPads and devices with high quality protective cases. These devices are largely made of glass and in a busy school environment, bumps and drops are inevitable. To extend the life of the device, and keep class sets going for longer, choose a quality protective case with materials and design that actually work to protect your devices. There are protective cases for all budgets, available in different styles, from rugged cases to folio style, keyboard and even waterproof.

At Maximise Technology, we can work with you to check next step for your investment in technology, to make sure that your budget is maximised over the years. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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