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About Maximise Technology

We love what we do! We help people find solution for using mobile technology in tricky places.

At Maximise Technology, we help individuals and businesses to use mobile devices in challenging environments. With our solutions, clients use mobile devices to improve productivity, communication and business processes. Our functional solutions including rugged devices, highly protective device cases, stands and mounts; and charging stations for a wide range of devices. Our clients include mobile businesses, healthcare, construction, emergency services as well as special needs/disability and mainstream education, adventurers – and many more.

Business solutions including healthcare, aged care, government and construction – We work with businesses to find the right gear so that their mobile devices can work as hard as they do. We bring together all the best protective cases for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices to protect them in challenging environments. Whether you are a working on a construction site, to collecting data in regional and remote areas far from an AC mains power point, we have the gear to help you keep your devices safe, recharged and ready to use. Work in your car, truck, helicopter or submarine? We have vehicle mounts to put your device just where you need it.  Many devices to manage? We offer bulk charging stations to recharge large numbers of devices and store them safely. For iOS devices, this can include the bulk update with charge and sync systems. Save IT admin time by updating up to 40 devices in the time it takes to update one. We also bring together clever accessories that add more to what you can do with your current device.

Disability services and NDIS Participants – We help disability clients and their support team to find the rugged tech solution to make the devices provide as much benefit to the client as possible. From rugged devices and iPads and tablets, to protective cases, even some with straps or handles, to wheelchair mounts for devices, we bring together the most effective brands in reliable mobile technology solutions for use in telehealth, education, entertainment and everyday communication.

Education technology solutions – Keeping iPads, tablets, laptops and other devices recharged, securely stored and ready for teaching is a big challenge for schools. Admin costs of managing device fleets are a hidden cost borne by teaching or admin staff, so we offer solutions to reduce admin time spent recharging, updating and moving devices around your school. We also help schools maximise learning with technology by bringing the best new STEM resources into one place. From electronics and robotics to app-driven devices, we help you engage students and teach them vital skills for their future.

Outdoor and adventure solutions – when you are ready for adventure and travel, you need your mobile technology to be as ready as you are. From protective cases to portable and solar power packs, we help you take your devices along for the ride anywhere, anytime.

A few ways we have helped…

We weren’t always Maximise Technology

Maximise Technology is the evolution of a business that began in 2009, as Powered Life. Powered Life began focused on portable and solar power, to enable people to use what was the early model smart mobile devices to stay awake long enough to do the job.

However, over time, we added more and more categories of related products to the Powered Life range, such that the name didn’t fit anymore. So we reflected upon what is our core purpose – which is to help people maximise technology to earn, learn and play.

And here we are. Maximise Technology. To find out more about our people, click here.