Disabilities and Special Needs

Disabilities and Special Needs

Rugged tablets and mobile technology solutions for people with disabilities and special needs

At Maximise Technology, we see mobile technology as having a very special purpose for adults and children with disabilities and special needs: closing the gap in the experience of their everyday lives, as technology adds a new dimension to communication, flexible approaches to learning and much more.

  • We specialise in helping people use mobile technology where it can be dropped or become wet. Our range of protective cases include rugged and waterproof cases and include accessories such as hand and shoulder straps.
  • Mounting devices to wheelchairs, desks or other locations can help keep the device close at hand. Our range of stands and mounts are built to withstand boisterous behaviour, and when accompanied by a rugged case, can withstand batting and knocks.
  • Portable power packs can ensure continuous access to the communication tools and resources of the iPad, phone or other devices.
  • Schools often use charging stations to reduce the cost of managing fleets of devices, so they can save time and money by recharging and updating many devices at once.

Our clients focused on disabilities and special needs come from several areas:

  • Parents looking for solutions for their own child, from protective cases to stands and mounts to keep devices just where they are needed;
  • Disability service providers including special needs schools who tailor selections for their students individually, and then also have fleet management needs just the same as other schools.
  • Occupational Therapists and other therapists working with clients in private practice, who need reliable information and easy access to the best technology accessories for their clients. Find out about our Partner Program here.

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