For teachers and principals, choosing mobile technology such as iPads and the accessories around them can be tricky. The benefits of technology are an educator’s specialty – enhanced learning, and new scope for engaging students and multiplying their learning – while the technology overall is often not a school’s strongest skill set.

As we wrote recently for Education Technology Solutions magazine, when schools have the information they need on the full range of options available – and the important differences between them – teachers and ITC co-ordinators can choose products that are compatible, have a wide range of applications, and will simply be school-proof enough to survive too much kid-love.

At Maximise Technology, we help schools make the best choices through:

  • Bringing together all the best brands for protecting devices, reducing costs of managing school technology and maximising education opportunities with STEM resources.
  • Understanding well the needs of educators across early childhood, primary and secondary schools including special needs education.
  • Providing great pricing – we understand that schools run on lean budgets, and we have a special Education Discount for schools. Click here to create a school web account to see pricing for our full catalogue with the Education Discount.
  • With a website account, you can browse the full catalogue and add products to an online quote request – it is quick, easy to request formal quote for your school’s needs.