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Our People

We love what we do! We help people find solution for using mobile technology in tricky places.

Such as the lady who needed to power and protect her iPad as she crossed the Simpson Desert on camel back. She needed a dropproof and dustproof rugged case with a handle, and a portable power pack to recharge on the long haul across the sand.

Such as the man who was preparing to spend months kayaking around the full circumference of the Sydney Harbour basin, recording environmental issues including pollution and erosion. He needed a waterproof case for his iPad, plus an iPad mount fixed to his kayak and a portable power pack so he would not get caught out mid paddle with a flat battery.

Such as the many kids we have met with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, paralysis and other special care needs for whom their iPad, iPod or tablet is their entertainment, communication or their calm place when the world feels scary. They often need a dropproof rugged case for their device, and sometimes a stand or mount to put it just where they need it.

Such as the large building and construction business wanting to leverage mobile tech in the field, but cautious of tablets being damaged due to dust, grit, drops and smashes. We found the right rugged case for tablets being used by their 470 staff across Australia.

Such as the aged care organisation who mobilised their clinical teams to increase response times to resident needs, and reduced the time to collect data by moving to tablets. We provided dropproof tablet cases plus charging stations for 60+ centres around Australia, mobilising over 600 staff.

Who we are

Pia Argiratos

Pia Argiratos

Con Argiratos

Pia has over 20 years in not for profit sector marketing and communications, plus consulting to the building and construction industry.

She loves a good bit of tech and uses her phones, tablets and laptops to run a business, consultancy and family from locations as diverse as home, interstate, overseas and (most frequently) from next to a soccer field or in the stands of an athletics stadium. Mobile technology makes her a particularly productive #soccermum (not that there is any other kind!).

Con has a long standing love of technology, which lead him to become a mechanical engineer before the digital industry beckoned and he moved into business development in the IT industry, working with software, hardware and managed services.

A true tech geek, he has spent hours repairing discarded laptops to donate to people in need, and generally tinkering with mobile phones, tablets and laptops. He is a die-hard Samsung man, but has been known to give in to the pull of iPad from time to time.