Maximise Technology works with Partners to provide value-added services for their clients.

Business Partners – We help deliver solutions for mobility projects, by preparing devices for the rigourous work life intended by the end user and software developers who design and create innovative solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs through software innovation. From providing protective cases and vehicle docking systems for Sign-On-Glass programs for distribution businesses, to recharge stations for healthcare clients mobilising the collection of health data, we work with clients and software developers to realise the intention of mobility projects involving mobile technology.

Education Partners – With the growing use of technology in education, many schools are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a way of exciting learning in the classroom within a realistic budget for schools. However parents too need help to find the best accessories to school-proof devices and reduce the chances of loss or damage. Maximise Technology offers schools and P&C associations options on how they can reduce the costs for parents to protect their students’ devices. Choose from discounted prices on purchases of protective cases for iPads, tablets and laptops, or an innovative fundraising program that provides the school with a financial benefit when families purchase from Maximise Technology.

Special Needs Partners – In no other area has mobile technology had such a profound – and important – impact than for people with special needs. Keeping devices protected and recharged means that these benefits remain available to users. Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, special needs schools and support agencies can partner with us to streamline access for their clients to the most suitable accessories for ensuring suitable use of technolgy for their users. From drop proof and waterproof cases to wheelchair or desk mounts, we can put solutions in your hands that are high quality and built to last.

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