PC Locs Bring a Revolution in Charging Carts

PC Locs Brings A Revolution in Charging Carts

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PC Locs has released new Revolution 16 and Revolution 32 Charging Carts, with a snazzy new look. These new carts are specifically designed to simplify the management of large Chromebook and Laptop deployments. They can charge, store, secure and transport up to 16/32 devices respectively and are equipped with an upgraded ECO Safe Charge™ for safe and efficient charging.

These directly replace and upgrade the original Revolution ECO 16/28 Trolley respectively.

  • Smarter, safer and more efficient charging. With the ECO Safe Charge power management system, you can charge up to 32 devices simultaneously. The included remote means you can turn the Cart on or off from anywhere in the building.
  • Timed charging modes. Easily set your Cart to charge for a specific amount of time. The ECO Safe Charge will allow you to charge all devices for 1 or 3 hours before it automatically switches off. It can also cycle charge groups of devices for 1 or 3 hours at a time.
  • ECO Safe Charge™ power management system with remote control for safe and efficient charging.
  • External LED Indicator. Easily and quickly see if your devices are charging and the charging mode selected.
  • Timed Charging Modes. Easily set your Cart to charge for a specific amount of time.
  • Flexi power system for adjusting both board angle and sliding it into a preferred position to deal with the variety of different device power bricks on the market.
  • Safe and secure. The stainless steel locking bar together with the hardened steel padlock will ensure your devices are locked and secured.
  • Numbered slots. Comes with stickers for labelling each slot for better device management.
  • Lifetime Warranty. We know that businesses, hospitals and schools can be tough on equipment which is why PC Locs products are built to last with a lifetime warranty.

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